Puttabong Kakra Muscatel second flush SFTGFOP (Dj-221)

Darjeeling_tea_LogoPuttabong Kakra Muscatel second flush SFTGFOP  (Dj-221)

An excellent organic tea from the renowned garden Puttabong, the oldest in Darjeeling, founded 1852.

The leaf of the china jat cultivar is affected before harvest by a small insect, resulting in disruption to the leaf structure whilst growing, which causes oxidation, increasing the content of the aromatic substances and changing the colour, giving the tea a special taste.

A very well made second flush tea with beautiful dark orange to golden brown colour to the cup with a full heavy aroma, including flavours of precious woods, and the rich taste of ripe fruit and muscatel, which holds on the palate for a delicate and soft aftertaste.
(harvested second week of june 2012)

A wonderful tea displaying all the characteristic of a classic Darjeeling Tea in all its balance and glory….enjoy!

50g-$9.50, 100g-$17, 200g -$32

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