Nepali Earl Grey

Earl Grey220px-Bergamot fruit
A light black tea flavoured with natural oil obtained from the peel of the bergamot citrus.

According to a legend – gifted to a British Prime Minister, the 2nd Earl Grey, in the 1803 from a Chinese nobleman as a gift for saving his son.

This Nepali style Earl Grey also carries the characteristics of classic Himalayan teas; light, bright, noble and full bodied without the heaviness of classic Assam/Ceylon Earl Grey.

As a base our blend uses well prepared second flush tea from the Illam region in Nepal, with full high mountain tea characteristic-fresh, bright, noble, which is perfectly balanced with the bergamot oil.

Wonderful and refreshing with or without milk any time of the day.

Great also with chocolate desserts or used for creams and sauces.

50g-$6, 100g-$11, 200 -$20

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