moving time

Hi folks, well The Tea Catcher has grown up i suppose…with the new website all blogging activity will move here

Please continue to follow The Tea Catcher and sign up to the mail list if keen to be notified on all fresh tea catching action…

including news on new teas, market action and teaware arrivals….

All feedback on the new site/blogg is appreciated as i do my best solo to constantly tweak and refine…

Thanks again for the support and feedback and see you on the other side….!

cheers, stu


teaware in stock now….!

 new teaware in stock now

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new teaware slowly appearing in the shop
grab a simple pot and a small bag of #tea and get experimenting..
info sheets with each tea and i am happy to answer questions…
remember to ‘like’ and ‘share’ the photos not in stock and that will help my ordering…pre-orders welcome too….!
happy sippin’, cheers, stu

mega teaware upload

so here it is fine folks…a bunch of photos of the current #teaware samples..
(many are different shots of the same stuff and prices a rough pre-order number)

i will be giving a few bits away to those keen to SHARE and LIKE the goods AND pre-orders will be happily taken for those keen on anything in particular..
(with the samples themselves available soon for first in first pouring)

#tea prizes too those participating and more #prizes for more activity..


oh yeah, and isn’t there some weird seasonal present giving thing coming along soon….hmmm, tea and teaware…?!


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have a sniff around or head to the new facebook shop !

for more information on teas, preparation, prices etc

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