moving time

Hi folks, well The Tea Catcher has grown up i suppose…with the new website all blogging activity will move here

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including news on new teas, market action and teaware arrivals….

All feedback on the new site/blogg is appreciated as i do my best solo to constantly tweak and refine…

Thanks again for the support and feedback and see you on the other side….!

cheers, stu


mega teaware upload

so here it is fine folks…a bunch of photos of the current #teaware samples..
(many are different shots of the same stuff and prices a rough pre-order number)

i will be giving a few bits away to those keen to SHARE and LIKE the goods AND pre-orders will be happily taken for those keen on anything in particular..
(with the samples themselves available soon for first in first pouring)

#tea prizes too those participating and more #prizes for more activity..


oh yeah, and isn’t there some weird seasonal present giving thing coming along soon….hmmm, tea and teaware…?!


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steeled for the sheng

i havn’t drunk too much #raw #puerh apart from handfull sizes birds nests the china town used to stock….

i reckon my brewing methods were more than a little off…back on track i had a crack last night and today (only daytime photos)…

some to learn but both brewed up nicely…

first-2013 Changwapu Jingmai Gu Shu Huang Pian,

then below-2012 Changwapu Yiwu Zheng Shan Qiaomu Xiao Bing Cha…phew, more than a coupla mouthsfull there..

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as it sometimes does..

so come monday cleaning up, the #chinesetea tasting experience got me thinking and i set off on a few pots of the new #nepali oolong tea samples…

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three d radio prize

congratulations to peter (?) of clapham, winner of The Tea Catcher #tea pack prize on Three D Radio 93.7fm today, well done all the other winners and thanks to all subscribers, discounters and donators….

So this is a box with lid…shall i lift it or leave the surprise to peter…? (feedback considered…)

the mysterious 3d radiothon prize...congrats peter..enjoy

the mysterious 3d radiothon prize…congrats peter..enjoy

so, do i open the lid before he gets it or do we wait…?

random tea diary day

a quick run through a busy day with a tea nut…

breakfast-a coupla cups of new guranse handrolled first flush-beautiful leaf, fresh, alive brew..

slowly tasting my way through the latest samples from Nepal…today the Guranse Organic hand-rolled first flush…tasty and alive…and a quick bash at the Orgainic Oolong…pretty and delicate….yum both

off to jobs nudge-small gaiwan packed w nepali organic oolong taster…

green gaiwan 6

some of the new gaiwan toys…l-r- gaiwan, lid, cup, ‘fainess-cup’ and filter..

morning tea and after lunch– tasters of puttabong darjeeling muscatel-full flavour, chunky and tasty help to move cement and loam..

Darjeeling Puttabong- a robust, full malty tasting tea…great as a ‘short black’ in a taster like this…a tasty nudge and on with the action…

tasting set, tail up draining the tea....

tasting set, tail up draining the tea….

chooks fed, home and relax w new gaiwan toys and many brews of The Tea Catcher organic guranse green- herby, refreshing and smoothly energising…

4 steeps of approx 80 deg C through the Guranse Organic green …quite a lot of tea, water not too hot, shortish steeps around 1 min….lid off to stop stewing the leaves and…..

and after dinner….? tapping the fingers maybe, no not from too much caffeine but, wondering when the chinese samples are arriving and clay potting my way through a few pots of pu-erh as a substitution…

caffeine molecule….gently extracted with the assistance of water from its natural storage system…

tuo-cha pu-erh compressed birdsnest….when do the chinese oolongs, greens, lapsangs and pu-erh arrive…?and the tea toys….?

(ps- most of the above teas are available in the shop if you wish to play around yourself and am happy to answer any questions possible re. teas, brewing methods etc…have fun-….!)