goofy foot gaiwan

sneaky pre meeting backhanded brew…

a little too much tea maybe but who needs a short black…!

Mountain Dew Handrolled 2013 Nepali #Tea reversed from fairness cup as steeping vessel to gaiwan as cup…handy lid…

2013 mountain dew special handrolled nepali tea

2013 mountain dew special handrolled nepali tea

a tasty, fruity kaBAM…!!



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random tea diary day

a quick run through a busy day with a tea nut…

breakfast-a coupla cups of new guranse handrolled first flush-beautiful leaf, fresh, alive brew..

slowly tasting my way through the latest samples from Nepal…today the Guranse Organic hand-rolled first flush…tasty and alive…and a quick bash at the Orgainic Oolong…pretty and delicate….yum both

off to jobs nudge-small gaiwan packed w nepali organic oolong taster…

green gaiwan 6

some of the new gaiwan toys…l-r- gaiwan, lid, cup, ‘fainess-cup’ and filter..

morning tea and after lunch– tasters of puttabong darjeeling muscatel-full flavour, chunky and tasty help to move cement and loam..

Darjeeling Puttabong- a robust, full malty tasting tea…great as a ‘short black’ in a taster like this…a tasty nudge and on with the action…

tasting set, tail up draining the tea....

tasting set, tail up draining the tea….

chooks fed, home and relax w new gaiwan toys and many brews of The Tea Catcher organic guranse green- herby, refreshing and smoothly energising…

4 steeps of approx 80 deg C through the Guranse Organic green …quite a lot of tea, water not too hot, shortish steeps around 1 min….lid off to stop stewing the leaves and…..

and after dinner….? tapping the fingers maybe, no not from too much caffeine but, wondering when the chinese samples are arriving and clay potting my way through a few pots of pu-erh as a substitution…

caffeine molecule….gently extracted with the assistance of water from its natural storage system…

tuo-cha pu-erh compressed birdsnest….when do the chinese oolongs, greens, lapsangs and pu-erh arrive…?and the tea toys….?

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Arya Tara White Tea Silver Tips

Arya Tara White Tea Silver Tips arya tara white tea silver tips

Hand made from the tenderest tips of the tea plant harvested in the Sri-Antu Illam area, Nepal; with 50-60 kgs of fresh leaf needed to obtain 1kg of dry tea….! The tea is hand sorted with the greatest care then processed in the Yin Zhen (silver needles) style. Being a Himalayan Tea however it differs from the classic silver needle style by retaining many of the high mountain Himalayan Tea characteristics including a brightness and sharpness (briskness), with a crystalline purity.

As a white style tea it is 100% withered with many silver hairs on the long curled leaf and zero fermentation.

This exceptional tea has a wonderful bright, light, yellow green colour in the brew, with an extremely pleasant flowery aroma, and herbal notes to taste, with a fine and noble aftertaste.

preparation black tea- 2g per 100ml, 100 deg. C for 3-5 minutes.

2.gonfucha style-4-5 g per 200ml, 85 deg.C for 2 minutes increasing temperature each successive brew (90 deg, 2 min, 95…etc this method will produce more of the deeper notes to be released.) up to 4-5 brews possible.

50g-$14, 100g-$26

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Darjeeling Jungapana Muscatel Wonder Tea Dj-139 SFTGFOP-china special, organic

Darjeeling Jungapana Muscatel Wonder Tea

Grown as an organic classic ‘china bush’, -planted from seed not cuttings or clones, in an area found during a patrol searching for water (pani) for the king (jung) whilst warring with the English and Sikkimese . A stream was found and the tea garden later founded.

A very nice Autumn flush tea from one of the best classic tea gardens of Darjeeling (china bush etc) harvested in the first week of November 2012.

Dry, the tea has a classic dark bigger leaf with a fair amount of silvery and light golden tips, and a pleasant thick aroma of forest honey, Dutch cocoa and ripe blackberries.

After steeping for 5 minutes we get a dark golden orange sparkling cup with a well balanced medium to heavy taste of the classic Darjeeling teas and hints of mature forest fruits, honey, chocolate..

Whilst not a classic expressive muscatel tea, it is a wonderful harmonious tea with a fine aftertaste including hints of muscatel.

Darjeeling Jungapana Muscatel Wonder Tea Dj-139

a dark golden orange sparkling cup of Darjeeling Jungapana Muscatel Wonder Tea Dj-139

50g-$11, 100g-$20, 200g -$37

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