still playing catch up…

after this one only 2 to go…! (11yr tuo cha, 8yr pu erh)
so the second mini cake-2012 autumn heavy charcoal roasted zhangping shui xian mini cake– from the famed Zhangping region, another version of narcissus or water sprite (with a fragrance similar to daffodil). another rarity-pressed oolong- the leaf is picked in late sept./early oct. and processed over a month with 8 steps including a stronger smoking/roasting than the last mini cake through a process handed down over at least 5 generations. a deep yellow liquor with a gentle malty/caramel aroma, round, mild, toasty and unctuous without any astringency or bitterness. reputedly “small bag of tea can be brewed for a whole day.” wow…!

another tasty little fella ...

another tasty little fella …

…and 2 aged ripe post fermented tea cake samples to go, followed by a battle off and order choosing….!

have a sniff around or head to the new facebook shop !

for more information on teas, preparation, prices etc

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