Organic Guranse Handrolled First Flush SFTGFOP

tea harvest 1Organic Guranse Handrolled First Flush SFTGFOP

The finest of the Guranse Teas, hand rolled tea is very rare in Nepal (unlike China , Korea etc), with low production resulting in only 30-50 kgs of tea made each year. Only the best leaves are picked before being hand rolled.

The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA) has awarded the Organic Certificate to Guranse Tea in the Year 2000.

The Organic Guranse Handrolled FF SFTGFOP is characterised by classic himalayan first flush characteristics:
-the dry tea (pre brew) is good looking with a fgood amount of silver tips.
-the brew is light and bright with dominant flowery and fruity (citrus) tones/nose.
-the aftertaste is ‘brisk’-sharp and alive.

50g-$13, 100g-$25

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