Organic Guranse FF SFTGFOP

camellia sinensis- the tea plant

The Organic Guranse FF SFTGFOP is characterised by classic himalayan first flush characteristics:
-the dry tea (pre brew) is good looking with a fair amount of silver tips.
-the brew is light and bright with dominant flowery and fruity (citrus) tones/nose.
-the aftertaste is ‘brisk’-sharp and alive.

First flush tea differs from second flush due to the withering process, with more withering leading to a greener tea. (hard withering over 65 deg C, med from 60-65 deg C, low below 60 deg C).
There is very little fermentation of the leaves, with only gentle bruising to release the aromatic elements.

50g-$8, 100g-$15, 200g -$28

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