the teas are in….!

the teas are in....!

The first shipment is in….!

read the posts below for info on some of the finest teas from Nepal and Darjeeling….white, green, golden, silver, masala and black including:

organic guranse FF SFTGFOP
organic guranse FF handrolled SFTGFOP
golden tips himalayan shangrilla SFTGFOP
kuwapani autumn flush kp-45 SFTGFOP
darjeeling jungapana handrolled wonder tea SFTGFOP
darjeeling puttabong kakra muscatel SF SFTGFOP
earl grey SFTGFOP

check them out, like, tell friends, family and acquaintances…

or buy now at the new facebook shop…!

And remember if you need approximately 2 grams of tea for a cup that is 25 cups/50g, 50 cups/100g…..very little to pay for these qualities of tea…(especially with discounts for orders over 500g)

So move on from the jitter of coffee and the stewed spinach of a tea bag and into the wonder and variety of the tea family and all its incredible variations….. enjoy….!

for more info re. post, delivery, etc please contact me direct at –

cheers, stu

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